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Do these numbers bother you?

  • Organizations with engaged employees outperform companies without engaged employees by 202%

  • Customer retention rates are higher for companies with highly engaged employees (18%).

  • Disengaged workers have higher absenteeism (37%), more accidents (49%), and more errors (60%).

  • Just over half (53%) or workers only give the minimum effort and will leave the company for a better offer.

  • In 2015, the APA suggested that $500 billion is lost annually due to workplace stress. 

  • Companies with higher employee engagement scores see 17% more productivity and a lower employee turnover rate. 

  • Companies with a lot of work pressures have 50% higher health care costs than other companies.






As the nation's most dynamic speaker, I aim to foster a diverse workspace through interpersonal assessments, conflict management & resolution training sweeping across America's professional workforce.

That's why I'm overwhelmingly passionate about inspiring executives, managers, and employees to increase their performance in organization and life.

"I was born to two loving and hardworking parents from Miami, Florida..."


YES! I have been in the military for 20 years! It sounds like a long time...I know! However, those selfless years were crucial in my educational and professional successes and the reason for my passion for inspiring others.


As a student, I earned:

  • An Associates Degree in Airframe Mechanics and Aircraft Maintenance Technology from Community College of the Air Force (Maxwell AFB, AL)

  • A BS Degree in Business Leadership from the University of Arizona (GC) (Chandler, AZ),

Likewise, I was blessed to work and lead Airman as a Propulsion Section Chief (Administrative Project Manager) at Minot AFB (North Dakota), Kadena AB (Japan), McConnell AFB (Kansas), Kunsan AB (South Korea), Spangdahlem AB (Germany), and Barksdale AFB (Louisiana).

About Me Picture Background.jpg

Well, Here's My Story...

As an inspirational, motivational speaker focused on Workplace Success, Employee Burnout, and DEAI Education, I’ve spoken at private organizations, professional conferences, and military training seminars.

With over 20+ years of being a military member, I have gained first-hand insight into what it takes to inspire people and work centers and fuel them with the momentum necessary for success.

Also, I have had my struggled with depression and adversity.

As renowned as my accomplishments, I did not always think that I could. 

I struggled, as many do, with significant adversities and bouts of depression. 

You see…, I grew up with a “poverty mindset” because my upbringing made me feel insecure, and often,

I thought, “I can’t… I won’t…, and I’ll never!”

This thinking kept me timid and hesitant about my academics and future career.

However, after hearing (and understanding) a few words from family, mentors, books, and well-timed supervisors, learning strategies for life success and personal achievement, I’ve turned my test into my testimony, and you will be able to do so as well!

The Inception... "Seeing a need, I've created, designed, and operate for the Department of Defense."

LIFExTalks is a comprehensive global platform designed to develop our service-members, spark innovation, and support our military families through educational programs & courses, in-person conferences and virtual support groups. is championed by JoAnne S. Bass the nineteenth Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, Roger A. Towberman the first Chief Master Sergeant of the Space Force, and the Department of the Air Force’s Fortify the Force Initiative Team (FFIT).


Like you, I’ve spent some time asking myself what I can do to challenge my subordinates and the workplace beyond being spectators of the personal and professional processes but total participants in their success. I’ve discovered that people need practical success principles which they can swallow in a relatable way (just like I did).

“In my message, I strive to make my audience feel engaged, excited, and empowered.”

Using life stories and my expertise on success (and failure), I share the tools and techniques it takes to succeed in every aspect of the workplace, so they can ultimately succeed in life. These are some of the same strategies and mindsets that have helped me:


  • Conflict & Time Management Training

  • Understanding Your Why Training

  • Master Resilience Training

  • DEAI Training & Certification 

  • Blind Spots/Self-Awareness Training 

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