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Cookie Policy

This document outlines the technologies utilized by LIFExTalks, LLC's website to fulfill the purposes described herein. Such technologies enable the Owner to access and store information (e.g., through Cookies) or use resources (e.g., scripts) on a User's device during their interaction with the Website.

For clarity, all such technologies are referred to as “Trackers” in this document, except when differentiation is necessary. For instance, discussing Cookies in the context of mobile apps would be misleading as Cookies are specifically browser-based Trackers. Thus, the term Cookies is employed only when referring to that particular type of Tracker.

Some uses of Trackers may require the User’s consent under United States federal and Florida state law. Whenever consent is necessary, it can be freely given or withdrawn at any time following the instructions provided in this document.

LIFExTalks, LLC's Website employs Trackers managed directly by the Owner ("first-party" Trackers) and those that facilitate services provided by third parties ("third-party" Trackers). Unless specified otherwise herein, third-party providers may access their managed Trackers.

The lifespan of Cookies and similar Trackers varies based on the duration set by the Owner or the relevant third-party provider. Some expire at the end of the User's session.

For detailed, up-to-date information on the lifespan of specific Trackers, as well as other pertinent details - like the presence of additional Trackers - Users can refer to the privacy policies of the respective third-party providers or contact LIFExTalks, LLC directly.

To learn more about privacy rights specific to Florida consumers, Users are encouraged to read the privacy policy.

Essential Operations and Service Delivery

This Website utilizes “technical” Cookies and similar Trackers for tasks essential to the Website's operation or the delivery of the Service.

First-party Trackers with Storage Duration:

  • __cf_bm: 1 hour

  • _gat_UA-174690589-3: 1 hour

  • __smSessionId: Duration of the session

  • __smToken: 13 months

Other Uses of Trackers Include:

Basic Interactions & Functionalities: Enabling basic interactions and functionalities, facilitating User access to selected service features, and streamlining communication with LIFExTalks, LLC.

Tag Management:

Services like Google Tag Manager (Google LLC) help manage tags or scripts needed on the Website in a centralized manner, potentially retaining User Data through these services.

Experience Enhancement:

Improving user experience through personalized settings and interactions with external networks and platforms.

Content Display from External Platforms:

Services like the YouTube video widget (Google LLC) enhance the Website by allowing direct viewing of external platform-hosted content.


Trackers are used for traffic analysis and user behavior insights to enhance the Service.

Targeting & Advertising:

Facilitating personalized marketing content based on User behavior and managing ad operations.

Contact Management and Messaging:

Services such as ConvertKit (ConvertKit LLC) are utilized for email contact management and message sending.

Preferences Management and Consent Withdrawal:

Users can manage Tracker preferences directly within their device settings or through consent-preference widgets on the Website. Deleting stored Trackers or managing third-party Tracker preferences can also be done via browser or device settings.

Locating Tracker Settings:

Instructions for managing Cookies in popular browsers and mobile devices are provided, including opting out of interest-based advertising through resources like YourOnlineChoices (EU) and the Network Advertising Initiative (US).

Owner and Data Controller:

LIFExTalks, LLC,

7901 4th Street N Suite 300,

St. Petersburg, FL 33702,


contact email:

Given the complexity of tracking technologies, Users seeking further information about the use of such technologies by this Website are encouraged to contact LIFExTalks, LLC.

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