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Revolutionizing Your Workspace: The Ultimate Blueprint

Four Ways to Build Workspace Success equips professionals with the insights to transform their workspaces from mundane to motivational.

Michael R. Yearby leverages his extensive experience to guide readers through a transformative journey, making productivity and workplace satisfaction within reach.

This book is essential for anyone looking to elevate their work environment and achieve peak performance.

10 Things This Book Will Teach You

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The Importance of an Inspiring Workspace:

Learn how to create a workspace that not only reflects your personality but also boosts your productivity and creativity.


Making and Sticking to a Plan:

Understand the importance of breaking down your goals into actionable steps, setting deadlines, and staying motivated to follow through with your plan.


Creating a Motivating Environment:

Gain insights into how to foster an environment that encourages productivity and collaboration among team members.


Implementing Flexible Work Arrangements:

Explore the benefits of flexible work arrangements and how they can lead to increased productivity and employee satisfaction.


Overcoming Common Workspace Challenges:

Equip yourself with strategies to tackle common challenges that may arise in creating and maintaining a successful workspace.


Goal Setting for Success:

Discover the critical steps in setting realistic and achievable goals for yourself and your team, and the profound impact these goals have on your workspace's overall success.


Choosing the Right Tools:

Find out how to select the tools and resources that align with your objectives, helping you work more efficiently and effectively.


Promoting Wellness in the Workspace:

Learn strategies for incorporating wellness into your workspace, emphasizing the health and well-being of you and your team.


Achieving a Balanced Work-Life Integration:

Get tips on how to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life, enhancing your overall happiness and success.


Building Momentum for Continuous Improvement:

Discover how to create a culture of continuous improvement, where you and your team are always looking for ways to better your workspace and work processes.

Alex Johnson from California, Software Engineer at Google

"The reading of the Four Ways to Build Workspace Success given to me has changed my attitude towards my work environment. Working as a software engineer at Google, creativity and productivity are key. The ideas present by Michael about establishing an inspiring work environment and setting clear, achievable goals were very close to me. Not only has implementing his approaches increased my productivity, but it has also fostered a sense of cooperation among my team members. This book is mandatory for all people who wish to upgrade their workplace and achieve more success."​
What people are saying...

Samantha Lee from New York, Project Manager at IBM:

"At first, I was doubtful about the book's impact on the success of my workplace. Nevertheless, Michael's The Four Ways to Build Workspace Success changed my mind. The segment on locating the right tools that ensure you win was my project's game changer at IBM. Using Yearby’s systematic approach to compliance in the working environment has resulted in better project schedules and satisfied teams. The book has been invaluable in developing my leadership and project management skills."

Chris Watkins from Texas, HR Director at ExxonMobil:

"In the high-speed ExxonMobil environment, creating an inspiring and motivating workspace is challenging. Mike’s book provided innovative and practical solutions that revolutionized our office culture. The focus on creating a working environment representing individual and team objectives has allowed us to establish a more friendly and efficient atmosphere. The HR now includes this book in our new hire onboarding process. It is truly empowering for specialists devoted to making a positive difference in their workplace."

About  Four Ways to Build Workspace Success

How To Achieve Success In Your Workspace And Prepare Your Future



  • This section addresses the common issue of feeling unmotivated in the workspace. It outlines the book's purpose: to present four actionable ways to improve workspace efficiency and motivation. The introduction sets the stage for the detailed guidance that follows, emphasizing the book's relevance for those seeking to enhance their work environment and productivity.


Part I: Building A Workspace

  • Chapter One: Create A Workspace That Inspires You

    • Focuses on designing a workspace that enhances creativity and productivity. It provides practical advice on organization, personalization, and the importance of a comfortable and well-lit environment. Key takeaways include dos and don'ts for creating an inspiring workspace.

  • Chapter Two: Set Goals For Yourself And Your Team

    • Emphasizes the importance of setting clear, achievable goals. This chapter outlines the process for establishing goals that motivate and guide both individual and team efforts, highlighting the benefits of goal-setting in achieving workspace success.


Part II: Executing In A Workspace

  • Chapter Three: Make A Plan And Stick To It

    • Discusses the significance of breaking goals into manageable tasks, setting deadlines, creating action plans, and maintaining motivation. This chapter offers strategies for staying focused and overcoming obstacles to achieve workspace objectives.

  • Chapter Four: Find The Right Tools To Help You Succeed

    • Explores how selecting appropriate tools and resources can streamline workflow and enhance productivity. It provides guidance on identifying and implementing the tools that best suit one's specific needs and goals.



  • Summarizes the key points from each chapter and encourages readers to apply the book's principles to create a more productive and inspiring workspace. It reinforces the idea that by following the four outlined strategies, individuals can achieve greater workspace success.

About the Author


Michael R. Yearby

Michael R. Yearby is a military member, anime storyteller & YouTuber, anime podcaster, entrepreneur, and the world's most-followed personal development expert.

Michael is not just an author; he is a beacon of transformation within workplaces across various sectors. With over two decades of military experience, Michael brings a unique perspective to fostering workplace success, employee resilience, and embracing Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (DEAI) within organizational cultures. His experiences as an inspirational speaker have allowed him to share his profound insights at numerous professional conferences, private organizations, and military training seminars, leaving a lasting impact on his audience.

As the visionary behind LIFExTalks, Michael has successfully bridged the gap between today's influencers and the military community, fostering a platform for innovative thinking and cross-disciplinary collaboration. His commitment to Leadership, Innovation, Family, and Education (LIFE) principles has shaped careers and transformed work environments into spaces of growth, productivity, and inclusivity.

Michael's latest work, Four Ways to Build Workspace Success, encapsulates his wisdom, providing readers with actionable strategies to revitalize their workspaces. Through his writings, Michael continues to inspire leaders and teams to harness their potential and build environments where success is not just a goal but a reality. Engage with Michael's journey and transformative ideas at

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