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Rising Above Challenges

Are you ready to uncover the hidden link and elevate your potential?

Discover the proven strategies and techniques to thrive under pressure through unseen obstacles.

Defy Gravity: Rise Above Challenges can completely change your life - it changed mine.

If we haven’t met before - Hi, my name’s Michael👋

I been in the military for 20+ years, since I graduated high school while living in Miami Florida.

I started my journey at just 17 years old, a commitment that has spanned over two decades. His path was profoundly influenced by the 9/11 event, instilling a deeper understanding of service to the country and community.

The military was a challenge at first.

I was working 60-70 hours a week on the flightline, commuting in the snow at Minot AFB, ND, and trying to maintain my health and social life.

That didn’t leave a lot of time for growth and personal development

But I knew I wanted the freedom and flexibility that rising above any challenge could give me...

18 years later, my on-base seminars have reached 10,000 military personnel world-wide.

Two years later, I strive to engage, excite, and empower his subordinates and the broader workplace.

Now, I’ve been a gravity defyer for nearly 20 years and my life guided by the personal values of transparency, integrity, humility, courage, empathy, and appreciation has encourage people around the world.

I genuinely look forward to Mondays, working with a team of amazing Airmen, and doing what I love, with a lot of freedom, fun and flexibility. I get messages every day from people saying my courses have changed their lives. I’ve even written my first book, 4 Ways to Build Workspace Success which is available on Amazon.

And making this will support me in quest to help as many people around the world to defy gravity.

I know, it's absolutely crazy!.


What if I told you that the key to transforming challenges into stepping stones lies within a hidden framework.

Okay, I get it - the Rising Above Challenges is incredible.
But what’s actually in the course?
What do I get when I become apart of the family?

Great question :) Here’s what our course curriculum looks like:

  • Module 1: Understanding the Terrain
    In "Understanding the Terrain," the inaugural module of the "Defying Gravity: Rising Above Challenges" course, participants explore the foundational elements underpinning the 'crap rolls downhill' phenomenon prevalent in structured environments like the Air Force. This module is the gateway to comprehending the broader challenges addressed throughout the course, setting the tone for the following intricate navigation and solutions.
  • Module 2: The Weight of Silence
    "Silence can be as deafening as words are enlightening" stands true in structured organizations such as the Air Force. Module 2, titled "The Weight of Silence," meticulously addresses this intricate theme within the broader narrative of the "Defying Gravity: Rising Above Challenges" course. This module pivots from merely understanding the overarching terrain to diving deeper into the nuances of silence and its profound implications on organizational well-being and the individual psyche. Commencing with a conceptual understanding, "The Weight of Silence" analyzes how silence manifests in hierarchical structures. Often misconstrued as mere absence of sound, the module educates learners that silence, in this context, refers to the suppression of vital information, opinions, and concerns due to fear, hierarchy, or cultural conditioning. This withholding can lead to substantial operational, psychological, and sociological repercussions. Two central pillars form the heart of this module. Firstly, we dissect the "Culture of Silence." Here, learners are exposed to systemic and personal reasons, leading individuals to withhold critical feedback or concerns. The detrimental effects of this silence, ranging from operational inefficiencies to deteriorated mental health, are laid out with poignant clarity. The subsequent pillar, "Building Trust Amidst Fear," delves into the emotional landscapes of individuals navigating such environments. Trust, or the lack thereof, significantly influences one's propensity to communicate. By comprehensively exploring the dynamic interplay between faith and fear, this segment offers insights into rebuilding fractured trust networks and cultivating environments where transparent communication flourishes. A signature element of this module, mirroring the ethos of the course, is its practical, hands-on approach. Engaging assessments—comprising multiple-choice queries, true/false questions, and immersive scenarios—act as reflective mirrors, prompting participants to introspect, relate, and envision transformative pathways. In essence, "The Weight of Silence" is more than an academic exploration; it is a clarion call for change. By comprehensively unmasking the complexities of silence, this module aspires to foster an environment where voices are heard, concerns are addressed, and the weight of silence is lifted to let constructive dialogue take flight.
  • Module 3: Reframing the Narrative
    Narratives shape our world, governing how we perceive events, respond to challenges, and understand our roles within broader systems. Module 3, entitled "Reframing the Narrative," anchors itself within this very essence, urging learners to interrogate existing narratives and champion the creation of more empowering and inclusive ones. Nested within "Defying Gravity: Rising Above Challenges," this module is a testament to the transformative power of perspective and its pivotal role in dynamic environments like the Air Force. At the heart of "Reframing the Narrative" is recognizing the dual nature of stories: they can either bind or liberate. By acknowledging the limitations of entrenched narratives, especially those that reinforce negative stereotypes or dysfunctional patterns, this module underscores the urgency and feasibility of crafting new tales—those that uplift, unify, and inspire. The initial segment, "From Blame to Learn," establishes a foundational understanding of the blame culture prevalent in many hierarchical systems. By highlighting its detrimental impacts, such as stifling innovation, eroding trust, and hampering operational efficiency, learners are prompted to envision a paradigm shift. The focus transitions from casting blame to fostering a learning environment, where errors become opportunities for growth and systemic betterment. Building on this, "Admit, Address, Advance" is a roadmap to actionable change. It emphasizes the importance of acknowledging mistakes, addressing them with clarity and purpose, and utilizing them as stepping stones toward progress. This triad becomes a guiding philosophy, urging individuals and teams to evolve continuously. The application is a cornerstone of this module, much like its predecessors. Interspersed assessments, including multiple-choice questions, true/false evaluations, and immersive scenarios, ensure that the theoretical knowledge gleaned is synthesized with practical insights. These tools invite participants to reflect on their personal and collective narratives, challenging them to rewrite those that no longer serve them well. In sum, "Reframing the Narrative" isn't just about understanding stories; it's about possessing the agency to redefine them. As learners journey through this module, they are equipped with the tools, insights, and courage to reshape narratives, ensuring they align with the values of growth, unity, and constructive evolution.
  • Module 4: Effective Communication
    In the intricate landscape of organizational dynamics, effective communication emerges as a cardinal force, counteracting the gravitational pull of misunderstandings, barriers, and inefficiencies. Module 4, titled "Effective Communication - The Gravity Defier," delves deep into this elemental construct, positing communication not just as an act of information exchange but as an art of forging connections, fostering inclusivity, and elevating organizational prowess. Within the expanse of "Defying Gravity: Rising Above Challenges," this module establishes a paradigm where communication is the fulcrum on which balanced and progressive institutions pivot. Understanding the diverse nature of communication, the module recognizes its multi-faceted dimensions. It underscores the simultaneous necessity of transmitting ideas and actively listening, utilizing verbal and non-verbal cues, and adapting to the varied channels and modes available in the contemporary world. The segment "The Art of Speaking Up" elucidates the importance and nuances of vocalizing thoughts, ideas, concerns, and feedback. It dissects the barriers that often hold individuals from speaking, from hierarchical apprehensions to cultural constraints, and provides strategies to overcome these. By cultivating an environment where every voice finds a channel of expression; organizations can tap into their members' collective intelligence and innovation. Transitioning from the personal to the collective, "Bridging the Gap" engages with communication challenges within diverse teams and complex structures. It recognizes that for communication to defy gravity, it must bridge gaps of understanding, culture, rank, and experience. As such, this segment delves into techniques for effective feedback, the use of inclusive language, and the creation of communication frameworks that ensure no voice is marginalized. Embedded within the module are dynamic assessment tools encompassing multiple-choice questions, true/false evaluations, and experiential scenarios. These not only test comprehension but encourage introspection and the application of communication principles in real-world settings. They challenge the learner to think beyond mere transmission, emphasizing the reception, interpretation, and adaptation of messages. "Effective Communication - The Gravity Defier" goes beyond conventional communication tenets. It brings to the fore the transformative power of well-articulated, well-received, and well-interpreted messages. As participants navigate this module, they are equipped with the skills and strategies to turn communication into a formidable tool capable of defying any professional environment's gravitational challenges.
  • Module 5: Prevention Over Punishment
    In the intricate web of organizational dynamics, the notion of 'prevention over punishment' emerges not as a mere ideological principle but as a transformative strategy to foster a sustainable, efficient, and harmonious workplace. "Defying Gravity: Rising Above Challenges" introduces Module 5, "Prevention Over Punishment," illuminating this paradigm shift towards proactive solutions and encouraging organizations to navigate away from reactive penal measures. Drawing from a wealth of research, historical patterns, and contemporary case studies, the module meticulously dissects the inherent limitations of a punitive approach. Such an approach often acts as a band-aid solution, only addressing surface-level issues without delving into root causes, and in the process, might inadvertently stifle open communication, creativity, and trust within teams. "Creating a Preemptive Culture" is a pivotal segment that underscores the importance of recognizing potential challenges and barriers before they evolve into more significant systemic issues. The lesson delves into actionable strategies, from establishing clear expectations and early warning systems to encouraging open dialogues and feedback mechanisms. The goal is to ensure that potential challenges are intercepted, understood, and addressed, preventing them from snowballing into more significant crises. Transitioning to a broader view, "The Role of Leadership in Prevention" accentuates leaders' crucial role in this paradigm. Leadership's commitment to a preventive approach, ability to foster an environment of trust where issues can be raised without fear of retaliation, and skill in modeling desired behaviors are underscored as cornerstones for instilling a preventive culture. This segment emphasizes that leaders aren't just figureheads; they are the catalysts who can drive or impede the shift from punitive reactions to preventative actions. Throughout the module, participants actively engage through a series of thought-provoking assessments encompassing multiple-choice questions, true/false evaluations, and scenario analyses. These tools challenge participants to grasp the theoretical underpinnings of the module and apply these principles to real-world situations, ensuring a deep-rooted understanding and readiness for practical implementation. Module 5, "Prevention Over Punishment," offers a paradigm shift from reactive solutions to a more thoughtful, proactive approach. Participants have the knowledge, skills, and tools to foster a culture where challenges are preempted and addressed at inception, ensuring a smoother, more harmonious, and efficient organizational trajectory.
  • Module 6: Charting a Positive Path Forward
    "Defying Gravity: Rising Above Challenges" culminates with its zenith, Module 6: "Charting a Positive Path Forward." This module encapsulates the essence of the course, directing its participants toward an enlightened trajectory that transcends traditional organizational barriers. Through rigorous scholarly investigations, peer-reviewed content, and actionable insights, this module offers a roadmap for fostering a corporate culture that is both resilient and forward-looking. At the outset, "Fostering a Constructive Work Environment" dives deep into the intricate mechanisms that make a workplace thrive. The focus isn't just on surface-level productivity and efficiency metrics but delves into the foundational ethos that drives an organization: mutual respect, integrity, inclusivity, and a shared vision. By anchoring these values at the heart of organizational practice, this lesson elucidates how a conducive environment can drive innovation, job satisfaction, and sustainable growth. Transitioning from the macro view, the module then focuses on the quintessential "Final Flight Plan." Drawing an analogy to a pilot's essential checklist before takeoff, this lesson illuminates the strategic imperatives that organizations must address as they embark on their transformation journey. It encompasses a holistic assessment, encompassing strategic vision, stakeholder involvement, risk mitigation, and continuous feedback mechanisms. This lesson isn't just a theoretical overview but a dynamic blueprint adaptable to the unique contours of different organizational landscapes. Engaging its participants through a multidimensional learning approach, the module employs various assessment tools to gauge comprehension, stimulate critical thinking, and encourage introspection. Through diverse multiple-choice questions, true/false evaluations, and detailed scenarios, participants are challenged to contextualize their learning and visualize its application in their unique professional environments. Module 6, while being the culmination, is not an end but a beginning. "Charting a Positive Path Forward" is more than just a title; it is a clarion call. It is a call to reimagine traditional paradigms, challenge the status quo, and instigate positive transformation not just at an organizational level but at the individual level, too. The module, and by extension, the course, equips its participants with the knowledge, the tools, and most importantly, the vision to ascend above challenges and, in the process, indeed defy gravity.

You'll also get access to our Defying Gravity: Communication Techniques Workbook (worth $149):

Defying Gravity: Rising Above Challenges isn't the only course we've created to help people become successful, confident and driven people thriving in life. 

So we decided to give you our other courses too for FREE

Mastering Personalities (value $799)

Welcome to "Urban Pulse," your compass in the dazzling maze of Fortune 1000 corporate life. Based on the pioneering research of Baranski et al. (2023), this course illuminates the complex web of personalities that define today's corporate giants. From skyscraper boardrooms to open-plan workspaces, every corner of these corporate behemoths echoes with diverse personalities. But how can you harmonize with them for success and happiness?


"Urban Pulse" doesn't just educate, it empowers. Discover the intricate nuances of the 10 predominant workplace personalities. Whether navigating the delicate dynamics of team collaborations or sculpting your workstation for maximum productivity, our course offers insights rooted in credible research. You'll delve deep into evidence-backed strategies, ensuring you resonate with every personality type, from the corner-office visionaries to the breakout-space innovators.

Understanding Your Why! (value $999)

"Understand Your Why" is a transformative course designed to guide you on a profound journey of self-discovery, focusing on three critical aspects: identifying your values, understanding your passions, and pinpointing your purpose. This comprehensive course begins by helping you delve into the core of your values, those guiding principles that shape your decisions and actions. By recognizing and embracing these values, you set the foundation for a life aligned with your true self.


Next, the course takes you through an exploration of your passions. It's about uncovering those activities and pursuits that ignite your enthusiasm and bring you joy. Understanding your passions is crucial in steering your life's journey towards fulfillment and satisfaction.

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How Do You Know If This Is For You?

Determining if "Defying Gravity: Rising Above Challenges" is the right fit for you hinges on a few key considerations. This course is tailored for those who find themselves at a crossroads in personal or professional development, seeking not just theoretical knowledge but practical, actionable strategies that lead to tangible growth. If you resonate with the idea of transforming challenges into opportunities, yearn to develop resilient leadership qualities, and have a desire to cultivate a mindset that thrives in the face of adversity, then this course is undoubtedly for you. It's especially beneficial for individuals who aspire to influence and inspire others, be it in a corporate setting, a community, or personal relationships. The course is designed to not only equip you with the skills to rise above challenges but also to empower you to positively impact your social circles. So, if you're someone looking to elevate your leadership capabilities, enhance your ability to navigate complex situations with grace, and emerge as a more confident, capable individual, "Defying Gravity: Rising Above Challenges" offers you the tools and insights to make that leap.

After You Take This Course...

After completing the "Defying Gravity: Rising Above Challenges" course, you will emerge with a transformed perspective and a set of practical skills that will significantly enhance your personal and professional life. Firstly, you'll be equipped with advanced leadership skills, enabling you to navigate and manage complex situations with greater ease and effectiveness. You'll develop an enhanced ability to understand and adapt to various cultural contexts, crucial for thriving in diverse environments. Your resilience will be significantly bolstered, allowing you to face challenges head-on and turn potential setbacks into opportunities for growth. Moreover, your improved communication and interpersonal skills will empower you to build stronger, more meaningful relationships both in and outside of work. You'll also gain insights into effective problem-solving and decision-making strategies that are applicable in numerous scenarios. Additionally, this course will instill in you the confidence to inspire and lead others, fostering a positive impact in your community and workplace. Ultimately, "Defying Gravity: Rising Above Challenges" is designed to not just impart knowledge, but to transform you into a more capable, resourceful, and influential individual, ready to excel and lead in an ever-changing world.


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