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Michael R. Yearby is a seasoned military professional, emerging author, and dedicated life learner from Miami, Florida. A sense of duty ignited in his youth led him to join the military at just 17 years old, a commitment that has spanned over two decades. His path was profoundly influenced by the 9/11 event, instilling a deeper understanding of service to the country and community.

Michael’s military tenure specializes in Aerospace Maintenance, notably in Aerospace Propulsion, and has seen him living in over ten countries. Many certifications, including Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, The Workplace and Personal Wellness Foundations, Inclusive and Ethical Leadership, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace, and a General Radiotelephone Operator License, underscore his achievements in the field.

Completed his Business Leadership degree with honors from The University of Arizona Global Campus, Michael pairs practical experience with academic insight. His consistent high performance has earned him a remarkable 4.0 GPA.

With an active mind and body, Michael’s interests are as varied as they are numerous. From physical pursuits like working out and running to cerebral activities like web development and AI/Machine Learning, his zest for life is palpable. He channels his creativity into graphic design, writing horror and murder mystery short stories and crafting insightful blog posts covering various topics from business innovation to mental health initiatives.

Michael’s professional proficiency extends beyond the military workspace, with specialized skills in five engines and four different aircraft. He is also a gifted speaker, enlightening audiences on a spectrum of topics from self-awareness and time management to the value of education and understanding one’s purpose.

Guided by personal values of transparency, integrity, humility, courage, empathy, and appreciation, Michael lives by the golden rule, treating others as he would wish to be treated. His mission is simple yet profound: “To serve and be of service.”

His aspirations extend far into the future. He plans to elevate his blog to global recognition, complete his Master of Business Administration Degree within a year, and become a New York Times bestselling author. He aims to create the best personal and professional development programs, be a highly successful content creator, host a top-ranking podcast, and provide his family with the utmost love and support. Michael’s boundless drive is to reach his goals and inspire and aid others in getting theirs.

Michael Yearby

Michael Yearby

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